My parents divorced when I was five years old and I felt the effects of this terrible split throughout my childhood. At a very young age, I was also molested. My whole world changed. I picked up patterns that would follow me for years.

At the age of 12, I taught myself how to play the guitar and started singing in church. In going to church, God had become a prevalent person in my life. I was full of anxiety and fear because of the abuse I went through. I finally started to feel loved, valued, and important, until my friend and I were molested on the school bus by a high school boy. I tried to tell my teacher, but she became upset with me and told me I would ruin his football career. After that, I never spoke about it to anyone. After high school, I experienced a very physically and emotionally abusive relationship.

After all of this, I found myself injecting pain pills daily. Through my addiction, I distanced myself further and further from God. My best friend talked me into going to rehab, and so I did. One morning, tragedy struck when I learned that friend had been in a fire accident and died. Whatever belief I had in God, left me at that very moment. After a short-lived binge, I got sober and it lasted for 3 years.

However, I hit rock bottom in 2016 and soon after I found myself in the Women of Hope. I was skeptical and reluctant to believe anything at first, but Pastor Marcie told me to keep an open mind. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. I started leading worship here and found such joy in doing it. After enduring a miscarriage, my husband and I relapsed on the very same day. I can honestly say this time here is different. The last time I relapsed took me to deeper levels than I ever imagined possible, but this time I have experienced God on such a deeper level than ever before. I am leading worship again, and God is opening new doors for me all the time.

God has kept every promise He made to us and restoration is taking place right before my eyes. The Holy Spirit is so present in this place and I am so thankful to be accepted back here to find true freedom from the bondage of my addiction and sin.