Women of Hope


Impossible is where God starts

The Bible says… “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26. God can break every chain of addiction.

Many women who enter our program have come to believe it’s impossible to break the cycle of addiction since they have tried and failed many times. We know differently and we have the testimonies to prove it. We believe that it is God and God alone who imparts the power that can break the cycle of addiction. Willpower is just not strong enough.
Women of Hope is a faith-based recovery program that is dependent upon the word and power of God to help each resident realize that the “truth of God” can and will set her free. Our recovery program incorporates the Celebrate Recovery curriculum to guide each resident though the 12 steps of breaking the cycle of addiction. This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee.


what we offer

Women of Hope is a multi-faceted program because we realize that addiction affects every area of the women’s lives. Therefore, we offer the GED prep course, parenting courses, financial classes, job interviewing help, etc. Once a resident graduates from the recovery program, she is still offered assistance through Women of Hope for the rest of her life. We never leave nor forsake one of our own.

We also give much-needed assistance and help to the families, spouses, and children of our residents. Friday nights and Sunday mornings are dedicated times to family assistance for any affected by their loved one’s addiction.

Here is a list of some of our offerings:

  • Housing and Transportaion
  • Screening and access to services
  • Christian Discipleship
  • Faith-based Support Groups
  • Individual Mentoring
  • Family support Group Meetings
  • Case Management
  • Continuing Support Plan
  • Continuing Education
  • Music and Arts
  • Financial Guidance
  • Job Placement Assistance


Investing in hurting women that are caught in the vicious cycle of addiction who through Jesus Christ their chains are broken.






Our dedicated board, staff, and volunteers believe that substance abuse and addiction are destructive to individuals, families, and communities. Therefore, we strive to build and maintain working relationships and partnerships within the communities. We not only help individuals through their addictions, but assist in preparing them for their next steps in their restored life.

End of the Tunnel

Heather, 23


After three months in jail, I met Kristie Butler. I was meaner to her than a rattle snake, but she showed me the Light at the end of the twelve-year tunnel. I had never been so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had been in addiction so long that there was only One who could pull me out, and that was Jesus Christ himself. I was living in the pit of hell, but…


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