Our Team

“Women of Hope would not exist without our supporters’ generosity. Many lives have been changed and restored because of your support.”

In 2010, Marcie Hendrick was led by the Holy Spirit to minister to women bound by drug and alcohol addictions. Since that time, she has used her God-given talents to bring almost 200 women through the Women of Hope recovery program. Recently, she was called to add Men of Hope to the recovery program to create Hope Recovery – Men & Women of Hope.
Marcie Hendrick is from a lineage of pastors. In 2001, she was ordained in Nashville and started her work with her brother, Victor Hodge, under the tutelage of their father, Pastor H.V. Hodge, Sr. at Faith Tabernacle Church in Medon, TN. Faith Tabernacle Church has since become the Hope Recovery Church associated most commonly with Women of Hope to the community at large.
Pastor Marcie Hendrick is the Executive Director of our faith-based, non-denominational, in-house rehabilitation program, Men & Women of Hope, where men and women can seek refuge while they recover from addiction and learn how to lead godly lives, restore their families, and prosper according to God’s will and plan for their lives.

Women of Hope Staff

Marcie Hodge Hendrick

Executive Director

Kristie Butler

Program Director

Kay Hodge Davis

Admin & Purchasing Agent

Peggy Hodge Jones

CFO & Office Admin/IT

Gladys Sipes

Staff & Mentor

Amy Gilber


Tommie Blevins

Staff & Mentor

Ricky Burke

Café Manager

Tara Ferguson


Pat Parham

Day Manager MOH

Chris Wilson

Night Manager & Admissions MOH

Mike Davis

Direction MOH

Together, we can do more

We have a devoted Executive Board that oversees the function and finances of our Women of Hope recovery program. They carefully guide the program as we go and grow. Many dedicated workers and volunteer help our residents with their health and life skills throughout their stay. We are truly blessed to have this team of highly-experienced and talented individuals extend their knowledge and expertise to our women.

Our Advisory Board consists of those who not only give their time, but their talents to help us plan and implement our community events and functions.

Executive Board of Directors

Marcie Hodge Hendrick

Lisa Clements

Dan Morris

Peggy Hodge Jones

Tracey Callahan

Barry Glenn

Nick Pappas

Mark Steiner

Carolyne Steiner

Janet James

Dedicated Workers and Volunteers

Dr. Christopher T. Welsch
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Barry Glenn
Teacher & Dental Consultant

Mary Kay Havranek
Mentor/Grants/Master Gardener

Lisa Clements
Ministry Advisor

Judy Harris
Art Therapy

Tommie Blevins
Mentor & Art Therapy

Sara Pierce
Nurse, Anew Medical Center

Samantha Smith
Interpretive Dance

Constance Wells
Choir Director

Advisory Board Members

Phyllis Darby
Jim Greer
Carlene Greer
Monda King
Bob Barnes
Rillis Barnes

Linda Bolton
Ricky Burke
Kay Davis
Mala Willcults
Tracy Callahan
Valerie Baker

Gary Martin
Kathy Martin
Debbie Taylor
Mickey Blevins
Tommie Blevins