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Anything is Possible

I was 13 years old when addiction grabbed ahold of me. It My name is Tonya and I have been delivered from drugs and alcohol.… “Anything is Possible”

Time to Heal

My life of addiction began when I was 12. I found some pain pills that belonged to my mom. Although I was young, I had… “Time to Heal”

Trail of Faithful Promises

I came to Women of Hope in January 2019 broken and alone, having lost everything to addiction once again. I’ve battled addiction for almost 20 years. I’ve… “Trail of Faithful Promises”

Brought Back to Life

I had a bunch of 100 mg Fentanyl patches. I put one on and I didn’t feel any effect, so I put another one on… “Brought Back to Life”

Your Mess is Your Message

My mom tried to always make sure that I was in church as a child. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about… “Your Mess is Your Message”

Saved by Grace

I wasn’t always a believer of Christ because of the way I was raised. I was born to two very lost parents who did the… “Saved by Grace”

Trusting the Guide

I’ve struggled most of my life with addiction. I started at the age of 16 with pill (opiates & Xanax) and marijuana. I managed to… “Trusting the Guide”

He knows my name

Though I had a true Holy Spirit-inspired encounter with Jesus Christ when I was 4 and was saved, the tragic death of my sister, Meredith, when… “He knows my name”

The Lord is My Shepherd

The first time I got high, I was 12 years old. It started with weed and alcohol; eventually I found pills. I met an older guy… “The Lord is My Shepherd”

Saved and Changed

I started using drugs about the age of 16. That’s when I first realized that I could numb all the hurt I was feeling on… “Saved and Changed”

Redeemed and Loved

I had a pretty good childhood. I didn’t start to rebel until I was in high school. I started dating a man six years older… “Redeemed and Loved”

Light in the Darkness

Throughout my life, I have experienced a lot of trauma from the death of a sibling, to witnessing a murder, divorce, domestic abuse, sexual assault,… “Light in the Darkness”

Jesus is the missing piece

I began using drugs when I was 24 years old after being involved in a serious car wreck that resulted in some extensive injuries. My… “Jesus is the missing piece”

Walk by faith, not by sight

I’ve been married for 19 years and have three beautiful children. My story shows that there is always hope if you will just reach out… “Walk by faith, not by sight”

Work in Progress

I’m a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I’ve been delivered from sex, opiate, and meth addiction. I grew up in a church going family. Everything… “Work in Progress”

Redeemed and Healed

I grew up with a void in my heart, always feeling as though something was missing. I tried to fill that void with drugs, alcohol,… “Redeemed and Healed”

The Broken… Made Whole

Drugs became a part of my life when I was 21 years old. The reason I started using drugs was to just numb the pain.… “The Broken… Made Whole”

Only way is up

I had a good life growing up except for one problem: my father abandoned me. However, when he came back into my life I quickly… “Only way is up”

Path to Redemption

I was raised in church as a preacher’s daughter. When my parents divorced, I felt abandoned and at the age of 14 I began using.… “Path to Redemption”

Out of the Pit

I was only fourteen years old when I became involved with drugs and my life was full of ups and downs. I’ve never been sure… “Out of the Pit”

In His Hands

Growing up, I never really had a relationship with God. I began to experiment with alcohol and drugs in high school. I got a job… “In His Hands”

Rock Bottom Restoration

My parents divorced when I was five years old and I felt the effects of this terrible split throughout my childhood. At a very young… “Rock Bottom Restoration”

God Blessed the Broken Road

I was in and out of addiction since the age of 14. I had a very rough childhood that included sexual abuse and both of… “God Blessed the Broken Road”

God’s Mighty Hand

I began using drugs when I was sixteen years old because I wanted to feel numb from all the emotional trauma that I had been… “God’s Mighty Hand”

Hope and a Future

I became involved with drugs when I was about 22 years old. After having my 2nd c-section the doctor sent me home with pain medication.… “Hope and a Future”

Small steps forward are still steps!

Drugs became a part of my daily life when I was only 15 years old. I started using drugs because I thought by doing them it… “Small steps forward are still steps!”

First Step: Faith

When I was a young teen, I started trying things like alcohol and smoking cigarettes. When I hit my late teens, I started partying and… “First Step: Faith”

Total Surrender

At 15, I start using with marijuana and alcohol. After I got married and gave birth, I was prescribed pain meds which I quickly became… “Total Surrender”

End of the Tunnel

After three months in jail, I met Kristie Butler. I was meaner to her than a rattle snake, but she showed me the Light at… “End of the Tunnel”

Breaking Free

I found recovery on April 20, 2016 right after I lost my mother to her own addiction. I came from a broken home. When I… “Breaking Free”


My name is Laura. I am a grateful and firm believer in Jesus Christ. I have been delivered from a drug addiction. I came from… “Restored”

Trail of Faithful Promises

I came into the Women of Hope on January 8th broken and alone – having lost everything to addiction once again. I’ve battled addiction for… “Trail of Faithful Promises”

Redeemed and Free

I was born and raised in a Christian home with the most wonderful loving parents and family anyone could ask for. I excelled all through… “Redeemed and Free”

Mistakes to Lessons

I tried drugs for the very first time as a teenager. I was only 15 years old when I tried meth for the first time.… “Mistakes to Lessons”

Trail of Faithful Promises

I came into the Women of Hope in January 2019 broken and alone-having lost everything to addiction once again. I’ve battled addiction for almost 20… “Trail of Faithful Promises”


I was born to a young mother and father who were in addiction and who did not know how to be parents. This contributed to… “Reclaimed”

He Never Gives Up

I was born into an abusive family. At the age of 3, I was adopted into my permanent family. My childhood was great, but the… “He Never Gives Up”

I Know Who Holds My Future

While growing up, I moved around a lot with my mom and my two brothers. After my grandmother died, I stopped seeing my dad. Around… “I Know Who Holds My Future”

Safe Haven

From an early age, I battled depression, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive rituals. I remember feeling suicidal and hopeless at times. I did, however, give my… “Safe Haven”

Realization to Restoration

I became involved with drugs when I was 17 years old. I started using because everyone else was doing it and I was going to… “Realization to Restoration”

Divinely Changed

As a child, I grew up in church. I knew about Jesus, but I didn’t realize how He really worked. It wasn’t until I was… “Divinely Changed”

Next Steps

I didn’t have the greatest childhood. I was abused physically and mentally my entire childhood. My parents divorced when I was 12, and my mother,… “Next Steps”

fear is a liar

Throughout my life I have experienced a lot of trauma, from the death of a sibling, to witnessing a murder, divorce, domestic abuse, sexual assault,… “fear is a liar”

Grace Upon Grace

Growing up I had a good and happy childhood, but we didn’t go to church and had no knowledge of God. With Dad in the… “Grace Upon Grace”

made new.

I had two loving parents and a great childhood up until the age of six when my parents split up. I spent every other weekend… “made new.”

Breaking Free

At 21, I tried meth for the first time when my heart was broken due to a break-up. I wanted to forget the pain. I… “Breaking Free”

New Identity

I started doing drugs at 11 years old. Drugs were always around growing up. At the age of 14, I was married to a 27-year-old… “New Identity”

By The Grace of God

I was born to a beautiful couple caught in a world of addiction. I was later adopted by a loving, kind, godly woman after being… “By The Grace of God”

I’m an Overcomer

I had tried weed, pills, molly, LSD, and cocaine. I was partying, having sex, and living a life that could only become disaster and possibly… “I’m an Overcomer”

Eagle Wings

I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I have been delivered from narcotics, methamphetamines, weed, and IV needles. I was raised by my grandparents… “Eagle Wings”

Restoration is Possible

I had a pretty good childhood. I was surrounded by family. Mom always tried to give my two brothers and I every thing we needed and wanted. My… “Restoration is Possible”

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