Hope Center

The Hope Center is a multi-purpose facility that includes a gym, workout room, arts and crafts area, classrooms, commercial kitchen, and an eating area for the residents.

Hope House

As the only long-term, faith-based recovery program in the area, our Hope House gives our residents a peaceful and safe place to live while they go through the recovery levels.

Hope Recovery Church

Hope Recovery Church is a full membership church for everyone including the community. Pastor Marcie Hendrick has faithfully served and helped create a safe place for all.

Hope House

The first impression will be serenity as you see the rocking chairs on the front porch. Upon entering the Hope House, you will see an open-concept living area for eating and fellowship. We can house up to 32 residents at one time in our three large dorm bedrooms complete with bunk-style beds and closets. Step out into the Hope Garden that provides many year-round vegetables.

  • 32 Bunk-style Beds
  • 3 Dorm Bedrooms
  • Resident Staff Quarters

  • Large Kitchen Area
  • Community Bathrooms
  • Private Dressing Stalls

  • Open Living Room
  • Onsite Nursery
  • Counseling Rooms

Hope Center

Our multi-purpose facility exists to benefit the lives of our residents during their stay. It is the hub for all of our program’s activities and special events. The center houses a commercial kitchen that the residents use to cook their meals and produce their Hope Cakes and other goodies to sell.

  • Gym
  • Workout Room
  • Large Gathering Area

  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Art and Crafts Room

  • Resident Eating Area
  • Special Events Stage
  • Supply/Storage Room

Hope Recovery Church

Hope Recovery Church is the most important place on our property. It is our desire that all who use the church will have the opportunity to hear that Jesus loves them and desires to have a personal relationship with them. Learn more about Hope Recovery Church’s Sunday/Wednesday services and Celebrate Recovery Friday nights.

  • Beautiful Sanctuary
  • Fellowship Hall
  • Nursery

  • Several Classrooms
  • Baptistry
  • Counseling Rooms

  • Onsite Kitchen
  • Staff Offices
  • Bathrooms


God provides for our needs in many ways; but the truth is we need donations to fill the gaps in our budget. The donations we receive allow us to feed, clothe, house, and provide a safe and loving atmosphere where lives and hearts can change and heal.

Brought Back to Life

Alisha, 34

I had a bunch of 100 mg Fentanyl patches. I put one on and I didn’t feel any effect, so I put another one on and so on. They told me when I woke up two weeks later in ICU on life-support that they found a total of five patches on me. The doctor said they didn’t think I would make it; and if I did, there would be a chance that I would have brain damage. The doctor told me that it was miracle that I was still alive.

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