Growing up I had a good and happy childhood, but we didn’t go to church and had no knowledge of God. With Dad in the military, we traveled and moved around a lot. I did well academically in high school, but my first boyfriend introduced me to marijuana. Later, I met a man who was a meth dealer which I eventually found myself being abused mentally and physically. I tried committing suicide and ended up in ICU for three days. The devil had me and almost killed me.

Then, someone new came into my life and it was much worse than the last one. After being in and out of jail several times, something changed. The jail chaplain handed me a Women of Hope brochure and I was very interested, but the enemy wasn’t through with me yet. I tried to numb my pain by using more and ended up with two felony warrants. The judge agreed to send me to the Women of Hope and I knew I needed help. I successfully completed the program in 2011 and remained sober for years. However, I relapsed in 2015 and needed to complete a 90-day maintenance program.

After I left again, I eventually fell into deep depression which led to relapse, being homeless, and selling drugs. The Lord has His mighty hand on me and brought me back in early 2018. Since being back, I feel the Holy Spirit more than ever. I’ve learned not to put God in a box. He is part of me and I’m looking forward to following the path He has set for me.