I tried drugs for the very first time as a teenager. I was only 15 years old when I tried meth for the first time. I never fully fell into addiction until I was prescribed diet pills when I was 34 years old. As soon as the prescription ran out, I was hooked. Then, I was reintroduced to meth and that’s when I knew I had a problem. By the age of 35, I felt like I had to have it to get through the day. Going through a miscarriage and a divorce without it seemed like too much to bear. By October of 2017, I had lost my family and had supervised custody of my children. I had lost myself completely. I was using everyday just to keep the pain and hell I was living in manageable. You would think being miserable would have stopped me, but it didn’t. This monster I was fighting was way bigger than I am. It took going to jail and hitting rock bottom for me to realize I needed help.

My family recommended Women of Hope and I made the decision to go get help, so I could get my life back. Women of Hope has been such a blessing. I have gained so much knowledge, but more importantly I now have a loving and personal relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I have a wonderful support system here and people who love me unconditionally. God is continuously doing big things in my life restoring what satan tried to steal from me. I have an overwhelming sense of peace and joy that literally blows my mind and today, I can honestly say, I love the woman God is creating inside of me. I am so grateful for Women of Hope and all that they have taught me and done for me in my recovery. I’m also thankful for a loving God that never gave up on me and always loved me, despite my mistakes and mess-ups.