As a child, I grew up in church. I knew about Jesus, but I didn’t realize how He really worked. It wasn’t until I was confirmed at 12 years of age that I morally knew right from wrong. I became a rebellious teenager. I started smoking cigarettes and sneaking out of my parents’ home all hours of the night. Things were already starting to get out of control. I found a guy that I thought hung the moon, but little did I know he would ruin my confidence and trust for others for years to come.

After the traumatic experience of this relationship, I became depressed and cut myself off from the world. I was prescribed anti-depressants and anxiety medications, but all that did was suppress my feelings. I felt so alone. Not long after this, I did meet the man that I married and had two beautiful children. However, due to my migraines, I began relying on pain pills to make it through the day. I began going to doctor after doctor because I couldn’t get enough meds to get me where I could be numb to all the emotional and physical pain. My family and friends would tell me how I was acting, but I was in complete denial. I had finally put myself in the devil’s playground.

I did complete rehab after getting myself into trouble with the law, but the devil found a way to creep back into my life. My family was done with me. I had no home, no friends… NOTHING! For a year, I went house to house until one day I prayed and told God I wanted my life back. I called my old friend Jessica and she said let your pride down and call Pastor Marcie. I was at the Women of Hope within three days. God has truly blessed me. I’m growing daily in my walk with God. I have prophetic dreams, visions and words, and restoration not only with my girls, but my whole family. I have a calling on my life for leadership. Thank God and this place for the change I am able to embrace in my life today.