I was raised in church as a preacher’s daughter. When my parents divorced, I felt abandoned and at the age of 14 I began using. It started with alcohol and marijuana, but after a traumatic experience I began using crack, meth, and taking pills. I wanted to distance myself as much as possible from God, Christians, and the church that I was raised in.

I began to hate Christianity altogether. By 17, I was an IV heroin addict and lived in a constant, vicious cycle of addiction and hate, almost losing my life countless times over the next 13 years. In 2018, I hit rock bottom and ended up in jail. I was given the opportunity to enter the Women of Hope, but even though I didn’t believe in God I decided to give it a try.

Shortly after arriving, I experienced something I have never felt before and realized I could no longer deny or run from the Truth. I accepted Christ into my life and was later baptized by my father.

Today, I cannot imagine going back to that world God delivered me from. I am now employed by Women of Hope and I’m beyond blessed by all the restoration that Christ has done and continues to do in my life. I am forever grateful for this program giving me the opportunity to have a true relationship with God and my family, and restoring all that the enemy had stolen.