At 15, I start using with marijuana and alcohol. After I got married and gave birth, I was prescribed pain meds which I quickly became addicted to. Over the next few years, I was caught in a vicious cycle of getting clean, prescribed pain medicine, repeat. Eventually, I discovered meth and used it for several months behind my family’s backs. After going through a divorce and my father passing away, I hit a severely low point in my life. I did eventually remarry. I felt like God had given me a second chance at life.

My husband knew of struggles and tried to help me the best he could. I had no idea that my life was about to flip upside down. I got a call to rush to the hospital. By the time I got there, the doctors explained that my husband had passed away despite their best efforts to save him. I gave up on life at that point. My addiction spiraled out of control. I went to several rehabs with hope to finally “get it”, but never fully surrendered.

Eventually, my addiction led me to heroin and intravenous use which was the “rock bottom” I never dreamed of hitting. I cried out to God for help and He answered me. Women of Hope gave me another chance at a life – one free from bondage and restored which I so desperately desired. Since being here, I have experienced true love, peace, and joy. I have learned to fully surrender. Let God take control because it’s not in my power to fix anything. He is working in me every single day and I am so happy with who I am today. He has also restored my family relationships. I will be eternally grateful for God and for the Women of Hope.