I was only fourteen years old when I became involved with drugs and my life was full of ups and downs. I’ve never been sure of who I was or what my purpose for this life was. Every time the hurt and pain came back, I used drugs. I didn’t want to feel anything.

First, I started with smoking weed and pills and it was so easy to justify, so I kept doing it. Of course, when you start one drug it always leads to another. Soon, I became heavily involved with meth and the lifestyle it came with. On my worst days, I was using up to a gram of meth every day. I had no sleep, no food, and no place to stay. I had lost every stable thing in my life because of the decisions I had made.

I knew my life was out of control when my every need depended on drugs and I needed it to function. All the hope I had ever had for myself was gone. My older sister had a drug problem just like mine. She had gone through a faith-based rehab called Hope Recovery Center/Women of Hope and she had proceeded to work there. When you hear people say, “God’s timing is everything,” you should believe them because just at the right time when I needed her help the most, she helped me get into the program.

Women of Hope stands outs from other rehabs because of their faith in God and their trusting in what He can do. He has delivered me from the pit along with many other women. Through Women of Hope, I have learned how to replace the feeling of sorrow with joy and I am confident to stand tall in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have already been blessed with a job as soon as I get out of the center and will be looking forward to making an amends with my family and getting an education. God is already opening so many doors for me!