Drugs became a part of my life when I was 21 years old. The reason I started using drugs was to just numb the pain. I didn’t want to feel anymore. I didn’t want to feel anything. My oldest son’s Dad and I separated, so I found myself trying to escape the hurt by using drugs. My drug of choice was Methamphetamines and on my worst days I was injecting meth every day and as much as I could. I absolutely knew I was addicted to drugs when I gave up my three boys for my addiction. My family had found out about a place called Hope Recovery Center / Women of Hope. It’s a faith-based rehab and with my addiction going nowhere fast – I decide to go.

Women of Hope was the first rehab that I had ever gone to. It was very different from anything that I had ever experienced. I could tell that God was doing great work there and that Holy Spirit filled each building. The first time I attended Women of Hope I left early while I was in my three-month period. Finally, during the third time that I came to the Women of Hope program, I realized that this is where Jesus had put me to save my life. Coming through the Women of Hope, I learned that there is a right way to deal with the hurts and stresses of life.

Jesus Christ is there for me whenever I call on Him. He gives me peace that passes all understanding and He tell me that I don’t have to go back to my old lifestyle. I can feel comfortable in having a relation- ship with Him and living my life how He has always meant for me to live it. When I graduate Women of Hope, I know that God is going to restore my family even more than He already has. Jesus has healed the broken pieces of my life that I had thrown away.