I began using drugs when I was sixteen years old because I wanted to feel numb from all the emotional trauma that I had been through growing up. I didn’t want to feel anything at all and drugs seemed to do just that for a while. Meth became my drug of choice and my first love. I knew I was addicted after the first use. I thought it would solve all of my problems, but in all reality it made everything worse. I lost sight of who I was and became everything I never wanted to be.

At my worst, I was using 3.5 grams of meth daily. I was desperate for a way out of the grave of addiction and abuse that had swallowed me up, in an attempt to end it all. Just as I was losing sight of any light left around me, God reached His hand into my life and guided me into the Women of Hope after a friend had told me about the program. Since being here, I have learned my addiction does not identify me and that my identity is in Christ. I now have a relationship with Jesus and have been given a second chance at finding and loving myself. I’m grateful to the Women of Hope because I know I would not be where I am today without this program.