I began using drugs when I was 24 years old after being involved in a serious car wreck that resulted in some extensive injuries. My drug usage started off slow, but escalated quickly to the point where I began using meth, LSD, and heroine together. This drug cocktail is a deadly mixture and I shouldn’t even be alive to tell my story. I knew I was addicted and needed help when I realized I just could not stay clean no matter how hard I tried or wanted to be.

Life became a dark, bitter place for me and I knew that I needed something more to bring me out of it. I first heard about the Women of Hope through Englewood Baptist Church. With some help from a few ladies that attended there, I was able to enter the program and they even agreed to sponsor my stay here. Women of Hope is different from any other rehab that I have been to because it is faith-based and I truly found God here. I learned that Jesus is that missing piece I so desperately needed because only He has the power to heal me. Not just of my addiction, but of all my hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

As I am transitioning out of the center, God has brought so much restoration. I now have a job, better relationships with my family, and I am able to be a beacon of light to them. I even have some new family that I found through the Women of Hope. My relationship with Jesus continues to grow daily. It is the firm foundation that I needed to not only get clean, but stay clean. I’m so grateful for this place, and all that the program has done for me