My name is Laura. I am a grateful and firm believer in Jesus Christ. I have been delivered from a drug addiction. I came from a family of many siblings. Growing up I did not have a normal childhood. There was always substance abuse with my parents. This led to me and my siblings being surrounded by emotional and physical abuse. We were always living from house to house. I grew up thinking that it was normal because it was all that I was used to.

Over the next several years into my teenage years, I stated becoming a very confused and rebellious teenager. I was in and out of court and lock up. This carried on into my adult years. My mind was so focused on the world instead of Jesus. I never grew up in church, so I never knew how much Jesus really loved me.

My life was like walking in the pitch dark with no light at the end of the tunnel. I got addicted to drugs and lost myself, my children, and everyone around me. Then I knew it was time for a change. I cried out to God and he picked me up and put my feet upon a firm foundation. I walk in his light now. My family has been restored. My relationship with my children and my husband has been restored. I will ever be so grateful for what Jesus has done and still is doing in my life.