I was born to a young mother and father who were in addiction and who did not know how to be parents. This contributed to my abuse and neglect at a very young age. My aunt and uncle became my legal guardians and this gave me a normal childhood, but the issues from my parents had already taken root. At 18, I got married and had a son and then two years later I had my second son. Life was good, but I wore a mask to cover up my issues. During this time, I started drinking regularly. After my divorce, I started using meth. Over the next six years, I was mentally, physically, and sexually abused. I was stuck in a cycle. I would get my life back in order then go right back to using and into an abusive relationship. After several times of trying on my own to get clean and stay clean, I learned I needed God.

I also knew I needed rehab and a 30-day rehab wouldn’t even touch my issues. I needed a long-term rehab where you learn to depend on God. So, I came into Women of Hope. I am finding my worth and who I am in Christ. I have healthy relationships now and I see myself as God sees me. I lost everything in addiction, jobs, homes, my sons, and even myself. God restored my mind. He is restoring all my relationships with my family and my boys. My happiness comes from God and the peace and comfort he gives me.