I had a pretty good childhood. I was surrounded by family. Mom always tried to give my two brothers and I every thing we needed and wanted. My grandmother was my best friend. My dad was in his addiction, so he wasn’t around a whole lot. I have been married for 16 years. I have two beautiful boys, Kayden and Conner. They are my world.

I lost my dad at a young age and that is when my world fell apart. I started smoking weed, taking pills, and I eventually turned to meth. I was partying all the time and doing things I wouldn’t normally do. I got sober until I got the phone call that my mother had lost her battle with cancer.

Shortly after that, I received another call that I had lost my youngest brother. He was hit and killed by a car. The grief was overwhelming and my addiction just got worse. I ended up losing everything – my house, my car, and my marriage. Everything was falling apart.

I was sent to WOH because of a violation charge. This place has helped me to become a new woman. With Jesus, I have no urge to use any drug. My marriage has been restored. My kids see how different I am. I have a relationship with Jesus. I am loved because He says I am. I can do anything because I have him in my life.