At 21, I tried meth for the first time when my heart was broken due to a break-up. I wanted to forget the pain. I didn’t know that it would also make me forget about everything in my life that I loved as well. Within 6 months of using, I dropped off my son with his grandmother and became a full-blown meth addict. While in this addiction, I got married and had two other children. It wasn’t long until I got divorced and gave my two sons to their grandparents. This vicious cycle continued and my drug addiction lasted for 17 years.

At times, I didn’t know if I would ever escape… at least not alive. Until one day, God showed up and showed out! I was given the opportunity to come back to the Women of Hope, graciously, after leaving early before. This time was different, though. I was ready and committed to find recovery, but more importantly to find a real, true, and deep relationship with Jesus Christ, the only answer to my problems. Because of Him and the Women of Hope, I am free from drug addiction! I am not a “recovering addict.” I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I live each and every day to serve Him and help others. Women of Hope teaches women like me to break free from the bondage of our old lives.

Today, I am 20 months clean and sober and I have a restored relationship with all three of my sons! I am now employed at the Women of Hope and work at our Hope Store. God has blown my mind with the abundant blessings, restoration, and redemption that He has poured over my life. I am truly grateful for Women of Hope. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this program and the guidance, love, support, and prayers of the leaders and workers here.