I’ve struggled most of my life with addiction. I started at the age of 16 with pill (opiates & Xanax) and marijuana. I managed to maintain this addiction for the most part and still carry out my duties as a daughter, wife, and mother for many years. But at the age of 30 this all changed, I discovered methamphetamine.

I was hooked on the first high it gave me from the very first time. I had energy to do anything and it helped me to lose weight too! I thought I had found the miracle drug. But within the next few years, I had lost nearly everything that meant anything to me. My home, my children, my freedom even. But by the grace of God, I have been given another chance at life.

After yet another probation violation and a failed drug test, I was sent from jail to the Women of Hope. I am almost 10 months into the program now and have found the me that I thought I had lost forever. I now have a good relationship with my children and a newly found relationship with Jesus Christ. I no longer allow the drugs to lead me down that same dark path I did, for now I have the light of the Lord to guide my path.