I was born and raised in a Christian home with the most wonderful loving parents and family anyone could ask for. I excelled all through school and was a good child for the most part. At age 13, my parents divorced and my world was shattered. My mom soon remarried and my new family was good, but my acceptance of it was not. I struggled to adjust and started looking in all the wrong places for approval and attention.

After high school and some in college, I found myself in one bad relationship after another. I lost focus of all the important things and discovered marijuana, cocaine, and crack cocaine.  At age 25, during my crack addiction, I had my oldest daughter, lost her to the state of FL, caught my first felony charge, was raped, and did a year in jail. God intervened during my incarceration and by His saving Grace I was delivered.

I got custody of my daughter and was soon blessed with a husband and 3 more wonderful children. I soon realized I had married a functioning alcoholic and trying to keep up with the night life he required and raising 4 young children virtually alone soon overwhelmed me.

Once again, I looked in all the wrong places for help. I left my husband and neglected my family. I turned to more abusive relationships, returned to a lifestyle of drugs, and my life spiraled out of control again. I battled alcoholism for a time and was eventually introduced to meth around age 40. After a near death experience by the hands of an abuser, I still didn’t heed God’s calling and I dove deeper in my addiction. Jail became a revolving door and I soon found myself facing 16 years in prison.

I fell to my knees on the cold hard concrete floor. Right there, I totally surrendered and rededicated my life to God. He led me to the Women of Hope and has set my feet on level ground here. He has restored so much in my life; relationships with my family that I thought were beyond repair and most importantly, I’ve developed a most amazing relationship with Him.

I am blessed in so many ways and I am even employed now by the ministry that has given so much to me. I’ve gone from a lifestyle of dope to being a dealer of hope. Now, I get to do what I love every day – serve God and others while using my God-given talents and passions to do so!