I had a good life growing up except for one problem: my father abandoned me. However, when he came back into my life I quickly became his caretaker with his health and drinking problems. When I lost my dad, I Iost myself too. I started the downward spiral into alcoholism and a full-blown identity crisis. I began drinking to deal with the pain; but Instead of helping, it only made matters worse. I lost my kids, my mind, and myself.

On the advice of a friend, I FaceTimed with a psychologist to talk about my “bad thoughts” which prompted a police visit. Instead of going away with them, I was able to get a Women of Hope bed after a friend convinced me to. 

Physically and emotionally numb for the first 2 weeks, but then along with 20 other women I was trapped due to an ice storm with nowhere to go. I was really mad about the situation I found myself in and screamed to God.. “If You’re so big, You will have to handle it!” I realized later that I had my first peaceful day since I arrived.  

Since being here, I’ve gained a sense of self – my true identity. Restoration with my beautiful family has begun. Plus, I have a brand-new relationship with God that holds me steady. I now know that I am enough because He says I am. I found myself at Women of Hope.