I didn’t have the greatest childhood. I was abused physically and mentally my entire childhood. My parents divorced when I was 12, and my mother, my sister, and I moved around a lot to get away from my dad. I lived in a constant state of fear because he would find us and threaten to kill my mother. This was also the time I began drinking and smoking weed.

At 19, I had my son and at age 21 I had my daughter. After she was born, I was introduced to meth. It gave me the energy to work and take care of my two children as a single mother. This went on for a couple of years.  Things had gotten so bad that I decided to leave town and to start a better life, but on the way out of town I was contacted by DCS and told I had to come back. My children failed their hair follicle test and their grandparents took custody of them. I was arrested and spent 4 months in jail.

I entered the Women of Hope program in February. It took me awhile to get comfortable here, but once I did I began to have a relationship with God that I have never had before. I never realized that I judged people, but as I have grown in Christ I realized that I did. He has helped me love people and not be so judgmental. I am learning to freely give people grace just like God has done for me. I have forgiven those who have hurt me in the past. I have even forgiven my father.  I graduate the program in February 2020 and I am looking forward to being the mother that I know God created me to be. I am grateful for what God has done for me and what I know He will continue to do.