I had two loving parents and a great childhood up until the age of six when my parents split up. I spent every other weekend in Covington with my dad and the rest of the time in Jackson with my mom. She struggled to raise three kids on her own and by the age of 12 her new boyfriends had sexually assaulted me and my baby sister.

My mom couldn’t pay the bills which meant living with no electric. So, my siblings and I were sent to Covington for the summer and school year. Things were better until the age of 14 when I started drinking, partying, and smoking with friends and getting into trouble. By the age of 16, I was a full-blown pothead and eventually I went further into my addiction by using cocaine, Xanax, and meth. This was the lowest point in my life. I was alone, scared, and in jail.

In jail, I took the Life’s Healing Choices class. This is where I met Pastor Marcie and after four months in jail I came to the Women of Hope. This is where I found God’s grace and love for the first time. He showed me the life I can have in Him.

When I got to the Women of Hope, I was just so grateful that I had an opportunity to be sober and live differently. God intervened in my life just when He knew I needed it. The mess I had made, God has cleaned up, restored, and made new. My family has been a great support system and an encouragement along this path. I thank God first and give Him the glory for bringing me out of my despair.