Throughout my life, I have experienced a lot of trauma from the death of a sibling, to witnessing a murder, divorce, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and eventually began using drugs at the age of 17. Over the next 18 years, drugs came in and out of my life whenever things were going wrong. It seemed to be the only way I could escape all the thoughts and hurt which finally came to a halt when I lost everything and landed myself in jail multiple times.

It was in my darkest hour that Jesus called my name. I felt this unexplainable pull to know my Savior more and leave that old life behind. I fought it for awhile until I couldn’t go another day living like I was. I contacted Women of Hope and my life has changed drastically. It is by no human power that I am here, but it is clearly the divine power of the Holy Spirit that lives within me. Jesus saved me, He restored my family, He is making all things new. I live to glorify Him!