I was in and out of addiction since the age of 14. I had a very rough childhood that included sexual abuse and both of my parents were in addiction. These things lead me to trying different drugs at an early age. I always felt unloved and like an outcast.

By the time I was 22, I started having kids of my own. I worked very hard to take care of them, but I had so many childhood wounds and roots of bitterness that lead to anger and low self-worth that I looked to all the wrong things for comfort. Turning to drugs to numb my internal pain eventually led me to lose everything, including my kids.

I knew I needed to make a change and began to take classes to fight to get my kids back. But God had bigger plans for me. I entered Women of Hope on November 24, 2020. I knew from the start God was tugging at my heart and he wanted to heal me. He wanted me to seek him.

I began worshipping him and surrendering everything to Jesus and put him first in every area of my life. WOH has helped me find Jesus. I walk in His love and his presence every day. I talk to him more than ever before. He has restored my family.

I went from not being able to see my kids to seeing them on a regular basis. My mother has since turned her life over to God. Because God has healed me and saved me, I am now able to share with others how God has freed me and broken the chains off my life.