Though I had a true Holy Spirit-inspired encounter with Jesus Christ when I was 4 and was saved, the tragic death of my sister, Meredith, when I was 11 was an open door for the enemy to attack. The enemy attacked my identity and offered a mask to hide grief and pain. Then, after the deaths of my parents I became a prodigal. I lost my way and forgot who I was.

The mask of addiction, failure, pride, and selfishness would completely overtake me. Thank the Lord for Pastor Marcie and Kristie. They stood in the gap as a parental presence and let this prodigal come home. All I did was praise, all I did was worship, all I did was bow down, all I did was stay still and Jesus Christ completely freed me from my mask. He illuminated me and today I walk in freedom. I know who I am because Jesus knows my name.